“Louie Castoria is an experienced and creative problem solver. He knows most business litigants ultimately want to settle their fights and to get back to business.”

Ron Kelly

Principal architect of California’s mediation laws, founder of the California Dispute Resolution Council and the Northern California Mediation Association

“I’ve lost count of the mediations I’ve conducted with Louie. What has most impressed me about him is his credibility. Even as an advocate, Louie sees all sides objectively, which gives his arguments more persuasive effect. As a mediator, his intelligence and humor will help guide disputing parties toward equitable, negotiated outcomes.”

Debra Mellinkoff

Full-time mediator since 1993, Member of Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution, The Mediation Society, ABA Committee on Mediation, ABA Committee on International Alternative Dispute Resolution, Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern California and California Dispute Resolution Council.

“Louie has years of experience in valuing cases and fully appreciates the art of settlement. With his knowledge base, his integrity and his genuine interest in people he is a most capable mediator.”

Judge Rebecca Westerfield (Ret.)

Judicial Arbitration and Mediations Services (JAMS), Mediator with the International Mediation Institute.

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